What is Daalchamal.com? .

Daalchamal.com is an online Marketplace based in Kathmandu that provides all types of foods, kitchen products, beauty items, daily goods, liquors, electronics, fashion stuff, etc. To be precise Daalchamal.com is your complete solution for daily needs and requirements

What about the security of the Information we provide?

We store your data’s only to provide you with our services, as we require your details to provide you quick delivery of your ordered products. We keep your information safe in our database. We don’t support third-party interventions so be assured about the security and register with us. Your information remains safer for us.

What to do if I forget My Passport?

If you forget the passport, then please contact us, we will help you to sort out the matters.

7. Is my info safe?

For this, we highly encourage our clients to subscribe to our newsletter, follow our website regularly, and social media posts.

Is there any Registration Charge?

No, you are free to log in and register with Daalchamal.com. After registration with us, you will be able to order your required products from the list of varieties of items. We will deliver goods to your location easily and faster without and hustle.

What Shall I do if I face a problem with the Registration Stuff?

If you face problem while registering with us, then please feel free to contact us, we will help you in sorting out the issue.

How to Place the order in Daalchamal.com?

It’s an easy process, simply register and after that, you will see a wide variety of goods and product listings. From all these lists you will have to click on add to the chart and place the order. We will receive your order and start our delivery process at your locations with our fast delivery service.

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